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Ask Andrew!

We’ve always said, “Ask us questions,” but we aren’t hearing from everyone! Our sommelier, Andrew Turner, is happy to answer any wine and food pairing inquiries or provide recommendations.

We encourage you to take advantage of this added benefit. Whether that means you’re stumped in the wine aisle at your local retailer, headed to dinner where you don’t know the menu, or just looking for an outside the box recommendation to spice up your Tuesday night, Andrew is here and excited to help! And he promises not to only recommend Clos Pepe ;-)

So click here to email Andrew or shoot him a text at 310-486-2080 and he’ll be sure to respond within 2 hrs or less (excluding 9pm-6am PST).

NOTE: If it’s a choice between wines you have in front of you, be sure to include those!


Andrew Turner, Sommelier & Clos Pepe Brand Manager

Andrew Turner, Sommelier & Clos Pepe Brand Manager