Touring Details here at Clos Pepe Vineyards & Estate Wines

This page is private, and only intended for those that have been confirmed for a tour/tasting experience at Clos Pepe Vineyards and Estate Wines.

GPS often leads people astray, this is farm country after all. So to get you here please follow the instructions on the right or below.

You have been directed to this page as a result of making an appointment for a tour/tasting here at Clos Pepe. This short informational page will give you all the information necessary to arrive on time, know what to expect and to get the most out of your Clos Pepe Experience. We work hard to maintain our reputation as the most informative and hospitable wine tour on the Central Coast. 

Thanks for your indulgence!


  • We are 10.0 miles west of 101 on Highway 246, 0.9 miles past Babcock and Melville entrance on the same side of the road. We have a red horse fence around the property and our sign is sometimes obscured by the olive trees going out front so watch carefully the mileage.
  • Gate code is 1994.
  • Park up by the big house to the RIGHT when the vineyard road forks at the flagpole. Please be considerate of large trucks that may be coming in and out by parking closely alongside the vineyard to the right.
  • You need a reservation for the correct number of attendees.
  • Most tours start at 10:30 with few exceptions.
  • Pets are okay on property but not inside the Clos Pepe Villa where the tasting will be held. Please be aware of outside temperatures when considering bringing your pets.
  • Tour includes some walking, but generally less than a quarter mile. We can provide assistance to those with limited mobility.
  • The tour takes about two hours, and your group will be given the chance to purchase wines to take home or to ship.



Detailed Information

RESERVATIONS: We do not offer tours and tasting without a reservation. Please don't try to come to Clos Pepe without an appointment. Clos Pepe Vineyards is private property and is not a 'public facility'. We do invite certain private parties, through a reservation program, to gain access to the vineyard for the purpose of education and wine sampling. We do not guarantee tours will be available. Tours are offered without cost or obligation to purchase wine, but most visitors go home with a number of bottles. Visiting the vineyard also gives you the chance to experience the vines, taste and buy current releases and library wine, join the wine club and gain invitations to certain yearly events.  

TIMING: Tours start at 10:30 am with limited exceptions. Because we only offer one tour a day, it is likely that your group will not be the only ones here on any given day. Thus, we ask for visitors with reservations to show up within 5 minutes of 10:30 am so that we can all be on the same tour schedule. Please note that if you are more than 20 minutes late without calling 805-735-2196, we may have moved on to other projects assuming you were no longer coming and may no longer be available. 

TRAVEL TIMES: Santa Barbara: 1 hour. Buellton: 10-15 minutes. Lompoc: 10-15 minutes. Los Angeles: 2.5-3.5 hours traffic dependent. San Luis Obispo: 1-1.5 hours. San Francisco: 4-5.5 hours. San Diego: 4-5 hours.

DIRECTIONS: Clos Pepe Vineyards is located at 4777 East Highway 246 between the cities of Lompoc and Buellton (.9 miles west of Babcock and Melville), between Hapgood Road to the east (.5 miles) and Gypsy Canyon Road to the West (about 1 mile). We are a full hour North of Santa Barbara. From Buellton we are 10.0 miles west of Hwy 101 on Route 246, on the right side of the highway. From Lompoc we are about 7 miles east of Highway 1 on the left side. Be careful turning off the Highway into the driveway, especially traveling east from Lompoc. Also make sure to look both ways when entering the highway upon exiting the property. Gate code is 1994 and is required to enter the property. Latitude and longitude: 34.664482,-120.345268

PARKING: Please observe the speed limit of 10 mph on the property. We know this is quite slow, but we want to ensure the safety of our employees, pets and the native animals that call Clos Pepe home. If you see dogs along the side of the road, please be extra careful. After passing the pond (look for turtles, egrets and herons!) and going around a terraced hillside vineyard the road will fork into three smaller roads at the flagpole. STAY RIGHT at the fork and go to the big house to the right and park on the right side of the gravel driveway as close to the vineyards as possible. Andrew will walk up to meet you and begin the tour. Welcome to Clos Pepe!

CHILDREN, PETS AND PHYSICAL NEEDS: While children are technically allowed to sit in, due to the length of the experience, we find that they often get bored as there is little for them to do on the property. Pets are okay on property but not inside the Clos Pepe Villa where the tasting will be held. Please be aware of outside temperatures when considering bringing your pets. A very short walk (up to a quarter mile) is also part of the tour--so we ask to know in advance if any visitor cannot make a short jaunt in the vines. Wear comfortable shoes and expect cool and windy temperatures most of the year.

THE TOUR: Tasting and Buying Wine: Plan on finishing a 10:30 am tour between 12:30 and 1:00 pm. We begin with 30-45 minutes in the vineyard: discussing the history of the vineyard, the Sta. Rita Hills AVA, and discussing the natural history of the grapevine and how we farm here at Clos Pepe. The instruction is designed to be interesting to both neophytes and wine geeks. After our short 'field trip' we will move to the small house below (for small tours), or to the formal dining room of the 'Big House' for larger groups. We usually taste between 5-7 wines depending on what's in release. We usually offer cheese and bread to nibble. Wines are usually available to purchase and take home, or you can ask to have them shipped in cool weather.

Thanks for making an appointment and we look forward to seeing you here at Clos Pepe Vineyards!

--Andrew Turner, brand manager and sommelier. 805-735-2196