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There are a few things you can’t learn from staring at your phone in a cubicle. While there’s something to be said about evaluating a bottle strictly by what shows in the glass, there are certain patterns of experience that lead lovers of wine to visit the area where their favorite wines are grown and fermented.

Wine is certainly contextual. Feeling the wind on your face, watching the fog break to cool sunshine, letting some soil run through your fingers — this is why we visit wine country. For those who are the "seekers," those that need to know more than the back of a bottle can provide, these are the people we hope to attract to our unique and immersive two hour tour experience.  You will never see wine in the same way, guaranteed.

You can taste our wine at Taste of Sta. Rita Hills in Lompoc, but if you’ve graduated to the upper echelons of wine-geekitude, perhaps it is time to email us and set up a 10:30 am appointment with Andrew and Clos Pepe.

Wine tasting only appointments are available at the winery in Lompoc.

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