Barreling Down Pinot Noir from Fermenter

Wes finishes (?!?!) the 2013 harvest and winemaking season in fine fashion, pressing more than 30 barrels of pinot noir in one day.  (Our press is very slow, small and gentle) .  Wes shows you how we get the wine from being mixed with the grape skins to being clean wine in the barrel.

It should be noted that most winemakers settle their fermented wine and throw away the sediment.  We barrel our wine unsettled and let the lees stay in contact with the wine for the entire period of elevage, or barrel-aging.  We have a small enough production that we can follow each barrel's progress carefully.  We find keeping the wine in contact with the sediment of fermentation gives it complexity, earthiness and more 'Clos-ness'

Enjoy, and ask a question if you have one!

Posted on October 14, 2013 .