Here we go again!

It's been two years since i blogged, and I'm hoping that in keeping it an open space for me to vent, and not a space where I'm required to post weekly, will keep it more informal, fun and (even) addictive.

I love to see comments and I love to answer questions, so I hope we can make this a small community who wants to learn about and drink lots of wine.

So far the year has been mellow.  late budbreak, no frost yet, but cold temps are forecast for the next few nights.  If we get through Vintner's Festival weekend, we should have passed the worst, although frost can happen as late as Mother's Day.

Shoot growth is about 2"-5" right now and we've cultivated the vineyard floor to dirt only to keep cold air moving at night--towards the fans if it gets too cold!

I'll stop by here from time to time to check in and write.  Until then, get a good glass of pinot noir and peruse the new website.  We'll also be doing adds to it!

Here's to 2013--so far a great vintage!


Posted on April 15, 2013 .