Chickens and Sheep and then a Walk in the Vineyard and Discussion of 2013 Vintage

On Memorial Day, 2013, Wes introduces you to the livestock at Clos pepe and how they help us grow grapes, and then takes a walk in the vineyard to continue discussion of the end of flowering and fruit set, and then a discussion of 2013 vintage so far.

Defining the 2013 Vintage through May:

  1. Late budbreak (April instead of March)
  2. Very dry soil, 6" of rainfall total, less than half of normal.  Irrigating since December.
  3. Small but reasonable crop level.  About 2 tons per acre in Pinot Noir and about 3 tons per acre in Chardonnay.
  4. Quick vegetative growth cycle and excellent canopy development for a shorter Spring growth cycle.
  5. Vines are showing very good flowering and fruit set.
  6. Year has been warm but windy.
  7. First year in nearly a decade with no frost damage to speak of (a few clusters and leaves scorched one night).
  8. Working through the first positioning run, then we’ll start pulling leaves:  0 leaf layers on East side, and 60% canopy gaps on west.