Budbreak, Vineyard Floor, Frost and Naughty Sheep!

The 2014 Vintage is in full swing!  We have nearly 100% budbreak, some shoots are as long as 6" after a warm weekend, and we are spraying copper sulfate tonight to reduce the incidence of frost damage if we get some cold nights in the next few months.

The copper will also knock down sores of rot and mildew, so it serves a double purpose.  The clean vineyard floor allows the cold air to run downhill like water so only the lowest sections of elevation in the vineyard are in danger of freezing.  In those low spaces we have sprinklers and fans, so we are 'safe' to about 29 degrees.

Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to send me questions to answer next week:  wes@clospepe.com, or text them to me at 805-886-0325!