First field ripeness tests for sparkling Pinot Noir

What I sent to our producers: 

This section is usually 1-2 brix behind the ripest sections of the Clos.  Nets are almost all up and green drop continues.

Sparkling section (NORM YOST):  (swale in front of Wes and Chanda’s house)

Fruit sample:  90% veraison, some color on crush, seeds 20% (?) browning.

Refract:  17.5 Brix  Hydro:  18.2 Brix  pH meter:  2.85 pH.

Juice aroma:  chalk, kiwi, aspirin, unripe strawberry and cherry

Mouth:  Aspirin, enough acidity to strip cheek lining from a Silver Oak drinker, green flavors dominant.  Minimal sweetness and flavor development.  Germans would say ‘nicht rund’.

Numbers are lower than I had feared.  My sense is the ripest sections: Hillside 115 traditionally, are sitting at 20 Brix and 3.0 pH.

Full tests on Pinot Noir next Monday.